Mick Leach

Mick Leach is Field CISO of Abnormal Security, an AI-native email security company that uses behavioral AI to prevent business email compromise, vendor fraud, and other socially-engineered attacks. At Abnormal, he is responsible for threat hunting and analysis, engaging with customers, and is a featured speaker at global industry conferences and events. Previously, he led security operations organizations at Abnormal, Alliance Data, and Nationwide Insurance, and also spent more than 8 years serving in the US Army’s famed Cavalry Regiments. A passionate information security practitioner, Mick holds 7 SANS/GIAC certifications, coupled with 20+ years of experience in the IT and security industries. When not digging through logs or discussing operational metrics, Mick can typically be found on a soccer field, coaching one of his 13 kids.

B Automotive Data Blog
Research reveals the automotive industry has become a popular target for business email compromise and vendor email compromise attacks. Learn why.
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B Tax Related Email Scams
The impending arrival of Tax Day always brings a surge in email attacks aimed at exploiting the stress and anxiety associated with April 15.
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Blog Cover 1500x1500 Images for SOC Time Blog
Discover the critical tasks that occupy SOC analysts’ schedules beyond mere inbox management, and discover insights into optimizing efficiency in cybersecurity operations.
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B ISC2 Report 3 5 24
The latest report from ISC2 shares illuminating perspectives on how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the cybersecurity workforce.
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B Skills 3 26 24
Discover the security risks associated with generative AI, machine learning, containerization, and microservices, and explore strategies to address the skills gap among cybersecurity professionals.
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B Look alike Domain Tactics
Learn 6 common look-alike domain tactics, some of the ways attackers use look-alike domains, and steps you can take to reduce your risk.
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B 1500x1500 MKT006 01 16 24 Fin Serv VEC Blog
Financial services organizations saw rising invoice fraud and business email compromise in 2023. Discover the stats and how to protect financial enterprises.
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B SOC Prod 12 4 23
Discover how to increase SOC productivity in the new year with an AI-powered strategy.
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Discover how AI is revolutionizing Security Operations Centers (SOCs) by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness while preserving the invaluable expertise of human analysts.
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B Why CIS Os Invest AI Native Cybersecurity
Generative AI tools help bad actors craft sophisticated attacks in seconds. Learn why CISOs are investing in AI-native cybersecurity solutions to fight back.
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B 9 8 23 Incident Response
An effective incident response plan is crucial to minimizing the effects of an email attack and preventing future breaches.
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B Abnormal on Abnormal How We Use Our Platform
Our Head of Security Operations shares why being an Abnormal customer inspired him to become an Abnormal employee and explores the key differentiators of our cloud email security platform.
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B Evaluating Cloud Email Security Solutions
Discover the challenges of securing cloud email, the evolution of cloud email security, and key considerations when evaluating cloud email security solutions.
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