New IC3 Report Shows Legacy SEGs Don’t Cut It

There’s no room for 2002 solutions when it comes to your organization’s email security. In 2022, you need a modern approach and modern architecture to stop modern attacks.
March 30, 2022

How many of you are still using a Walkman, Motorola Razr flip phone, or a CRT-based TV? I’m willing to bet exactly zero. That’s what consumer tech looked like in 2002. We all tend to keep our home tech pretty up to date. So, why are some organizations still using a secure email gateway first released that year?

BEC Attacks Bypass the SEG

The new FBI IC3 report revealed that for the seventh year in a row, business email attacks were the leading cause of financial losses. Almost $2.4 billion was lost from BEC attacks last year—an increase of more than half a billion dollars compared to 2020. And this is only the tally of losses from those that reported the incident, say nothing of those losses that went unreported.

Much of these losses can be attributed to the fact that many organizations are using antiquated email security technology from legacy vendors. These providers haven’t adapted to the ever-evolving, ultra-sophisticated attack vectors that are now threatening businesses worldwide. If the IC3 report shows us anything, it’s that these early email security solutions can’t prevent the attacks that matter most.

They were never designed to handle socially-engineered attacks that have none of the tell-tale signs old solutions handle, such as IP reputation and other "known-bad" indicators. Today, email attacks look just like any other email a friend, colleague, or family member might send you. They’ve conversational. They prey on emotions, business urgency, and use the language of your own business to get you. Only a solution based on the latest AI and ML technology and algorithms, calibrated by a team of dedicated, cutting-edge engineers, can deal with them.

The Need for Modern Technology to Prevent Modern Attacks

There’s no room for 2002 solutions when it comes to your organization’s email security. In 2022, you need a modern approach and modern architecture to stop modern attacks. It’s why organizations are rapidly moving away from traditional secure email gateways over to new integrated cloud email security platforms that leverage behavioral analysis and data science.

We’re ready to show you how to modernize your email security approach and architecture with a complimentary, personalized Abnormal Email Security Risk Assessment that details the gravity of the email attacks you’re facing, including business email compromise, phishing, supply chain fraud, and ransomware. You’ll get great insight into our highly-differentiated detection approach, the breadth of our email security coverage, and our cloud-native API architecture.

Just sign up here and we’ll get right back to you. You’ll get a customized report in just a few days and see how you can prevent these attacks that matter most, with just one click.

New IC3 Report Shows Legacy SEGs Don’t Cut It

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