B Seg Lessons
Discover key insights gleaned from replacing 100+ SEGs for Abnormal customers.
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B 11 6 23 SEG
See why acquiring an API-enabled email security startup isn't enough to improve a secure email gateway's detection capabilities.
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B 8 7 23 Replace SEG
Discover the top three reasons organizations should replace their traditional SEG with a modern solution to protect their cloud email environment from malicious actors and emerging threats.
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B 7 19 23 SEG Quotes
Discover how these security leaders modernized their security stack, saved time, and lowered security costs by replacing their SEG with Abnormal.
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B Evaluating Cloud Email Security Solutions
Discover the challenges of securing cloud email, the evolution of cloud email security, and key considerations when evaluating cloud email security solutions.
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B 10 05 22 Cloud Email Security Platform Essentials
Learn the 7 key capabilities a cloud email security platform should have in order to address and resolve common email security challenges.
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B Email Security Challenges Blog 09 26 22
Understanding common email security challenges caused by your legacy technology will help you determine the best solution to improve your security posture.
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B 04 07 22 SEG
As enterprises across the world struggle to stop modern email attacks, it begs the question: how are these attacks evading traditional solutions like SEGs?
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B 04 26 22 Webinar Re Replacing Your SEG
Learn how Microsoft 365 and Abnormal work together to provide comprehensive defense-in-depth protection in part two of our webinar recap.
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B 04 04 22 Webinar Recap Krebs
High-impact emails are on the rise and secure email gateways (SEGs) don’t have the functionality to mitigate them. Learn how your SEG is letting you down.
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Blog legacy seg ic3 cover
There’s no room for 2002 solutions when it comes to your organization’s email security. In 2022, you need a modern approach and modern architecture to stop modern attacks.
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