Author Lane Billings

Lane Billings

Group Product Marketing Manager

Lane Billings is Group Product Marketing Manager at Abnormal, where she leads messaging, positioning, and external-facing content creation focused on Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES). Cybersecurity is a complicated but critical discipline; as an experienced product marketer with prior roles at IBM Security and Cloudflare, Lane enjoys supporting security professionals with compelling, simple, and helpful information about strategic initiatives like email security. Lane is based in Austin, Texas.

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Legacy approaches to managing unwanted mail are neither practical nor scalable. Learn the 3 essential elements of modern, effective graymail management.
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Limiting time-wasting email messages makes employees more productive. Here’s how innovative organizations are addressing the challenge.
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Excessive promotional mail, also known as graymail, is impacting productivity and employee morale. Here are 11 startling graymail statistics.
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B 08 10 22 Addon Autopilot
Email Productivity makes filtering out time-wasting emails a hands-free endeavor.
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B 05 13 22 Spring Product Release
This quarter, the team at Abnormal launched new features to improve lateral attack detection, role-based access control (RBAC), and explainable AI. Take a deep dive into all of the latest product enhancements.
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