Author Lane Billings

Lane Billings

Group Product Marketing Manager

Lane Billings is Director of Product Marketing at Abnormal Security, where she leads messaging, positioning, and external-facing content creation focused on the AI-native email security platform. As an experienced product marketer with prior roles at IBM Security and Cloudflare, Lane enjoys supporting security professionals with compelling, simple, and helpful information about strategic initiatives like email security.

B Product
Discover Abnormal's major product developments in 2023 and how they help businesses stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.
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B Favorite Customer Quotes 2023
As we close out 2023, we're excited to share a collection of our favorite customer quotes. Learn why enterprises across the globe trust Abnormal.
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B 11 15 23 MKT426 Crowd Strike integration blog
Discover how a new data ingestion integration from Abnormal Security and CrowdStrike helps organizations protect their data more efficiently while providing comprehensive visibility.
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B 8 16 23 Gartner
Discover why security teams put their trust in Abnormal to protect more, spend less, and secure the future.
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B 8 7 23 Replace SEG
Discover the top three reasons organizations should replace their traditional SEG with a modern solution to protect their cloud email environment from malicious actors and emerging threats.
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B 7 19 23 SEG Quotes
Discover how these security leaders modernized their security stack, saved time, and lowered security costs by replacing their SEG with Abnormal.
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B 6 28 23 Cloud Email Tips
Cloud office platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace need strong cybersecurity solutions. Shape your cloud email security strategy with these ten tips.
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B 03 28 23 CRWD blog post
The new bi-directional integration between Abnormal and CrowdStrike’s solutions helps security teams correlate meaningful events across identity, endpoint, and email solutions, and respond quickly to incidents in progress.
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B 02 21 23 Graphics for Gartner Blog
The Gartner 2023 Market Guide for Email Security examines how modern technology solutions like Abnormal can be used to address today’s email security challenges.
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Forrester highlights ROI wins that the average organization can expect to see in 2023 as a result of deploying Abnormal.
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B 11 14 22 SPM Launch Blog Graphics
Email Security Posture Management gives organizations insight into cloud configuration risks and gaps across user and app privileges.
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B 1500x1500 Detection Enhancement Recap L2 R1 2x
This quarter, Abnormal launched new features to help security teams improve productivity and save time. Take a deep dive into all of the latest product enhancements.
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B 3 Essential Elements
Legacy approaches to managing unwanted mail are neither practical nor scalable. Learn the 3 essential elements of modern, effective graymail management.
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B Winning Back Productivity
Limiting time-wasting email messages makes employees more productive. Here’s how innovative organizations are addressing the challenge.
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B Graymail Statistics
Excessive promotional mail, also known as graymail, is impacting productivity and employee morale. Here are 11 startling graymail statistics.
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B 08 10 22 Addon Autopilot
Email Productivity makes filtering out time-wasting emails a hands-free endeavor.
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B 05 13 22 Spring Product Release
This quarter, the team at Abnormal launched new features to improve lateral attack detection, role-based access control (RBAC), and explainable AI. Take a deep dive into all of the latest product enhancements.
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