Our Favorite Customer Quotes from 2023

As we close out 2023, we're excited to share a collection of our favorite customer quotes. Learn why enterprises across the globe trust Abnormal.
December 14, 2023

At Abnormal Security, our mission revolves around our customers. And in an era where the attack landscape is fraught with evolving threats, our commitment to safeguarding organizations from all angles remains unwavering.

As we reflect on the past year, we find ourselves inspired and grateful for the trust our users have placed in us. Today, we're delighted to share a curated selection of our favorite customer quotes from 2023.

These testimonials aren’t just affirmations of Abnormal's efficacy but tributes to the collaboration between Abnormal and the security teams who choose our AI-native email security platform to protect their organizations.

Abnormal Security’s Top 8 Customer Quotes from This Year

Defends against AI-generated email security threats effectively

“Generative AI poses a remarkable threat to email security. Abnormal is uniquely positioned to stay ahead of attackers who are using sophisticated AI to deliver malware and socially-engineered messages to our email inboxes. We’re leaning into Abnormal for that expertise.”
—Karl Mattson, CISO, Noname Security

Saves time for SOC teams and provides peace of mind

“Implementing Abnormal has saved our team hours on reviewing emails that could potentially be harmful. Having Abnormal filter these out helps us sleep at night.”
—Thomas O., Network Security Expert

Excels in email detection with minimal false positives

“Our systems operations and IT teams were blown away by how easy it was to connect Abnormal via API to try it out. In our head-to-head test with another solution, Abnormal detected twice the malicious emails and generated 75% fewer false positives than the other vendor.”
—Steve Tieland, Director of Corporate Security Operations, Pegasystems

Uncovers compromised vendors missed by Google's detection

“Abnormal was able to find a number of compromised vendors that were sending us messages. We could see instantly what Google was not able to detect and what Abnormal could.”
—Jeremy Smith, CISO, Avery Dennison

Detects threats that bypass SEGs and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft

“When Abnormal found threats our SEG wasn’t detecting, we had to make a change, and Abnormal tying into Microsoft via API was gold for us. Leveraging Microsoft and Abnormal moves us away from the traditional SEG, eliminates that cost, and improves our security.”
—Jonny Concannon, Group Information Security Manager, Boohoo

Consistently stops threats without constant manual oversight

“One of the great advantages of Abnormal has been that it really runs itself; we don't run it. We're not in the Abnormal Portal every day, but I can see that it's stopping the things that we need it to block.”
—Carl Eller, Senior Director of Information Security and Technology Management, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System

Enhances productivity and supports better employee experience

“In the last 30 days, Abnormal filtered more than 176,000 graymail messages. That’s over 500 hours of our people's time. Employees say Email Productivity has freed them from spending their mental energy assessing emails for risk and importance.”
—Blaine Carter, CIO, FranklinCovey

Easily integrates into existing infrastructure and adds significant value

“Abnormal Security is providing exceptional value as an addition to our email security. The team at Abnormal has been easy to work with and was able to help us integrate the product with a substantially small effort from our end."
—Director of IT Security and Risk Management, Retail Industry

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Our Favorite Customer Quotes from 2023

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