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Fall 2022 Product Release Recap: A Focus on Productivity

Fall brings a spooky sense of urgency. How is it the end of October already? How am I going to complete my OKRs by year-end? In an environment where the security talent pool still hasn’t grown, and worker productivity has fallen, we’re all looking for ways to streamline processes and free up minutes in the day. After all, time saved on menial tasks, like monitoring user-reported phishing emails, or sorting promotional emails out of your inbox, is time back for completing those Q4 goals.

The theme of our Q3’22 product enhancement recap is productivity. The new features Abnormal shipped in Q3 help our customers achieve three productivity-focused outcomes:

  1. Save employees and VIPs time spent sorting through their inboxes.
  2. Free up SOC analysts from reviewing user-reported emails.
  3. Streamline email security architecture, enabling an API-centric approach.

Three Highlights From Our Fall 2022 Product Release

  1. The new Email Productivity add-on module filters away time-wasting graymail with an adaptive and personalized approach and helps organizations track the time they save.
  2. The ability to analyze email conversations with multiple replies and forwards via Abuse Mailbox.
  3. A new API endpoint for customers to fetch a list of their Detection 360° reports and view details for each case, including report summaries, statuses, message analyses, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in this product release!

Email Productivity Module Helps Employees and Executives Find Inbox Zero

Employees are overwhelmed by the high volume of distracting and promotional emails that land in their inbox, especially executives, who receive 230% more graymail than the average employee. Traditional solutions like email quarantines and spam digests are frustrating for employees and cause upstream challenges for IT teams, who must deal with the tickets and complaints users raise.

Abnormal’s new Email Productivity add-on module helps Abnormal’s customers find time back in their day by putting graymail on autopilot, filtering time-wasting emails from inboxes with an adaptive, personalized, and policy-free approach. Now available to any Abnormal customer using Microsoft 365, Email Productivity automatically sorts messages marked graymail into a Promotions folder. Instead of relying on end-user quarantine portals or safelist/blocklists, employees can refine their personal graymail protection by dragging messages to the inbox or promotions folder, and Abnormal learns and refines protection to each employee. To learn more, watch the demo above or read the product page.

SOC Teams Can Analyze Multiple-Forwarded Emails with Abuse Mailbox Automation

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Developers Can Extract Rollups of Submitted Reports in D360°

Detection 360° is the interface our customers use to submit reports about false positives and false negatives so Abnormal can investigate and address them. Inside D360°, Abnormal reports on what caused the exception, informs customers what actions we took to remediate it, and uses the information gleaned from the analysis to improve our detection models.

In Q3, Abnormal added a new REST API endpoint to allow developers to extract report information from Detection 360°. The new GET /detection360/reports endpoint allows customers to view a list of their submitted Detection 360° reports and corresponding details for each case (including report summaries, statuses, message analyses, and more).
Customers who have integrated with the Abnormal API can use this endpoint to extract their D360° information. For integration instructions, see the Abnormal REST API Integration Guide.

Search Enhancements Make it Faster to Investigate Attacks in Threat Log

Threat Log now surfaces key behavioral attributes of attachments, such as MD5, SHA256, file type, the existence of macros, and language insights.

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This new search functionality provides security analysts with more context when performing threat analysis and reduces their need to use additional malware investigation tools. With this update, customers can also search for hashes and file names in their Threat Log.

Search and Respond Fields and Filters

Abnormal’s Search and Respond added new search fields and a filter that make it faster and easier to locate email records.

Product Recap3

Customers who have Email Productivity enabled can filter the search to only show Graymail messages. Additionally, customers can now use two new fields to quickly search by:

  • Message ID
  • Attachment name

What's Next

We hope that this fall’s product enhancements help you and your team work faster, so you can tackle those ambitious Q4 goals.

Not yet an Abnormal customer? Request a demo today to learn how Abnormal can protect your workforce against the full spectrum of email attacks.


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