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Simplify Email Security Architecture

Managing email security with a secure email gateway (SEG) has become too complicated. Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) modernizes email and security architecture, eliminating the complexity of SEGs through our modern, cloud-native API-based solution.

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SEGs Introduce Complexity and Headaches

Multiple Dashboards

While triaging an attack, security teams need to parse data across multiple products with disparate interfaces, normalize the data manually, and correlate signals across a fragmented view spanning multiple dashboards.

Too Many Rules

The legacy, policy-based approach results in an endless proliferation of one-off rules to block emerging threats. These rulesets become unwieldy and unintelligible over time, increasing complexity for administrators.

Duplicated Defenses

Deploying a SEG requires organizations to turn off the native security capabilities present in Microsoft 365, which results in paying for two services that provide the same benefit.

The Solution:
Abnormal ICES + Microsoft

Together, Abnormal ICES and Microsoft provide a modern, cloud-native solution that protects organizations from the full spectrum of email attacks and unifies reporting and management into one, easy-to-use dashboard.

No more building reactive rules. With Abnormal’s advanced behavioral AI and Microsoft 365’s threat intelligence-based protection, you can consolidate email security into a more streamlined architecture—eliminating the need for manual configuration and constant refinement.

30 Seconds

Average time to integrate Microsoft and Abnormal


Unified dashboard for all threat and attack analytics


Custom rules or policies required

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“The integration was one of the easiest we’ve ever done. Turn it on, let it run, and see the results. You quickly realize Abnormal’s value to the organization."

Amy Grisham,
Director of IT Governance and Compliance, Everise
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How Abnormal and Microsoft
Simplify Your Architecture

Provides a Single Pane of Glass

Provides a Single Pane of Glass

No need to juggle between multiple dashboards to gather email security insights. A consolidated dashboard across both Microsoft and Abnormal provides a 360º view of all attack types.

Deploys in Minutes

Security teams deploy Abnormal in a few clicks via an API integration with no disruption to email flow. No policies, custom mail flow rules, or mail client plugins are required. No changes to your email configuration or MX records are needed.

Automates SOC Operations Update 1 v2

Stops Policy Creep

When you deploy Abnormal, the endless sprawl of security rules and policies finally stops. Abnormal’s behavioral AI develops a baseline of known-good activity across cloud applications and email, and constantly adapts protection as new threats emerge.

Enables Simplicity for End Users

Employees never have to deal with spam digests or quarantine portals. Abnormal ICES observes how users react to emails in Microsoft 365 and automatically sorts unwanted mail based on an analysis of their personal preferences. The experience is completely native to Microsoft 365, so users never need to leave their inbox.

Recommended Approach

When you choose to simplify your email security with Microsoft and Abnormal ICES, you can deprecate your secure email gateway. With this streamlined architecture, you enhance your protection against the full spectrum of attacks and unwanted email and gain a single dashboard to manage email security.

The Abnormal Difference

Abnormal’s unique approach helps security teams simplify their security architecture.

Simple, API-Based Deployment

Abnormal’s API-based deployment process is uniquely fast and simple, and takes only a few minutes. Unlike other API-based solutions or secure email gateways, Abnormal does not require policies, custom mail flow rules, or email client plugins.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Abnormal can consume valuable signals—including interaction patterns, user titles/groups, authentication activity, and security patterns—to establish a baseline of known-good behavior and detect and remediate attacks. Upon integration, Abnormal has complete visibility into internal and external communications. It automatically learns about your organization, its users, and its partners, and can measure their risk scores.

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Protect your organization from the attacks that matter most with Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security.

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