Securing the Future with AI: A Discussion Among Leading AI Experts

Learn what’s coming next in artificial intelligence & how you can use good AI to combat bad AI in Chapter 3 of our Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity series.
Securing the Future with AI: A Discussion Among Leading AI Experts

Attackers have eagerly adopted generative AI tools like ChatGPT to develop advanced email threats capable of outsmarting both legacy security systems and most humans. So what does this mean for your security practices?

Understanding the evolution of threats due to generative AI is one part of the battle. But staying secure in the rapidly changing environment brought on by continuous AI innovation requires a look into what is coming next.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How AI evolved into what it is today

  • Predictions on how it will be used in the future

  • The importance of “good AI” to protect you from “bad AI”

  • Recommendations for how to stay ahead of these emerging threats

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Evan Reiser

CEO and Co-Founder

Abnormal Security

Mike Petronaci


Zack Kass

Technology Futurist

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