The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity

Explore the transformative impact of AI on the strategies employed by both threat actors and defenders in our limited web series.
The Convergence of AI + Cybersecurity

AI has dominated headlines recently, sparking discussions about its positive and negative impacts. Notably, generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have demonstrated the potential to significantly enhance productivity.

However, the dual nature of gen AI has become increasingly evident as cybercriminals exploit the technology to craft intricate, large-scale, and personalized email attacks. This surge in AI-driven cyber threats has reshaped the cybersecurity landscape, marking a shift into an era where both attackers and defenders rely heavily on AI.

Our series, The Convergence of AI and Cybersecurity, delved into this transformative intersection, highlighting the escalating challenges posed by AI-powered cyberattacks and the evolving strategies employed by defenders.

You can now access on-demand recordings of every session, including:

  • Ch. 1 – Facing Your Fears: How Attackers Can Use Generative AI

  • Ch. 2 – Fighting AI with AI: A CISO Panel on Security Best Practices

  • Ch. 3 – Securing the Future with AI: A Discussion Among Leading AI Experts

  • Ch. 4 – Exploring the Cybercrime Underworld: A Deep Dive into FraudGPT

  • Ch. 5 – Beyond Marketing Jargon: A Technical Exploration of AI for Cybersecurity

  • Ch. 6 – Implementing AI Today: A CISO Panel on Using AI for Cybersecurity

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