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Evan Resier, CEO and Co-Founder

Socially engineered email attacks are the #1 security threat facing companies today, accounting for more than 44% of all cybercrime losses. To stop these types of sophisticated email attacks, you need a fundamentally new approach to email security.

During this demo, you'll see how Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security, or ICES for short, precisely blocks attacks that were previously considered unstoppable. Unlike secure email gateways, its API-based architecture gives deeper visibility, combined with the behavioral AI which detects even the most subtle anomalies, to make Abnoraml extremely effective in blocking sophisticated attacks like social engineering, fraud, and internal attacks from compromised accounts.

When an employee's email account has been compromised, the attackers access sensitive information and use that trusted identity to bypass existing security controls and freely target other employees. Unlike secure eamil gateways, Abnoraml ICES builds a behavioral model of every individual employee and the entire supply chain to detect anoamlous user behavior and then scans all internal emails to stop these types of attacks.

In this example, Renee, the VP of Finance, sends an internal email to her colleagues Zach and Josh, requesting a wire transfer. The email account is trusted and the links appear safe, and the attachments are not malicious. However, Abnoraml ICES blocks this email by identityfing abnormal behaviors beyond these superficial indicators. Renee has never logged in from Hong Kong, a suspicious email rule filter was created, and Orion Limited is not a vendor they've ever worked with before. And finally, this email conveys an urgent financial request which identifies it as a high-risk communication.

By leveraging data through the API architecture, Abnormal has unique visibilty into Renee's account bheavior, which reveals a timeline of anomalous events identifying it at a compromised account. Abnormal ICES can automatically sign out of all these sessions, block access to the account, and can even trigger a password rest.

The Abnormal ICES behavioral AI enhances the threat intelligence-based solutions provided by Microsoft 365, as well as by secure email gateways. It brings together metrics across all these different solutions to dramatically simplify reporting and give you actional insights.

Abnormal protects enterprises by providing comprehensive email security to precisely block the full spectrum of attacks, not just phishing, malware, and spam, but much more targeted attacks like social engineering, account compromise, and fraud.

Abnormal only takes minutes to set up, it doesn't interupt your mailflow, and requires no additional effort to uncover attacks that are lurking in employee mailboxes. Contact us today to schedule a product demo.

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