CISO Resource Kit for Generative AI Attacks

Discover how generative AI is being used by threat actors to create sophisticated email attacks and how “good AI” can be used to protect your organization. Here are a few key resources to get you started.
CISO Resource Kit for Generative AI Attacks

Generative AI technology has significantly advanced the capability of computers to generate diverse and original content, presenting an almost limitless range of possibilities—both for the good guys and the cybercriminals.

In this new reality of generative AI programs like ChatGPT and Google Bard how do you keep your organization and employees from falling victim to more “realistic” phishing emails or highly sophisticated malware?

The CISO Generative AI Resource Kit is a great primer to new research, tips, and best practices on how to safeguard your email environment against these new forms of attacks.

Download the CISO Resource Kit for Generative AI Attacks to access:

  • [White Paper] CISO Guide to Generative AI Attacks

  • [Webinar] ChatGPT Exposed: Protecting Against the Dark Side of AI

  • [Interactive Quiz] Human or ChatGPT?

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