Email Account Takeover Protection

Prevent costly data breaches by detecting and mitigating email account takeovers in real time.
Email Account Takeover Protection

Compromised accounts have become the most common cause of data breaches. Traditional email security solutions cannot effectively detect account takeovers because they lack visibility into identity, behavior, and device attributes that indicate a user’s account has been hijacked.

Email Account Takeover Protection stops takeovers in real time.

  • Detects compromised email accounts by observing end-user behavior for activity that deviates from their known normal, including login patterns, MFA methods, too-fast-to-travel locations, mail rule changes, changes in email content and tone, unusual email recipients, and more.
  • Recreates the crime scene by creating a case file of the account takeover diagnosis to organize the evidence for manual review.
  • Kicks attackers out of hijacked accounts by automatically blocking account access, triggering a password reset, and signing out of all active sessions. Administrators can choose to auto-remediate compromised accounts or manually review cases.
  • Immediately remediates lateral emails sent from compromised accounts to hidden folders, so other employees cannot see or engage with them.


Average cost savings from each remediated compromised account.


Average number of hours saved to remediate compromised account.


Seconds to remediate compromised accounts post-detection.

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