Atlassian Account Takeover Protection

Analyze human behavior to secure your Jira projects.
Atlassian Account Takeover Protection

Extend Abnormal Protection Across All Platforms

Cloud phishing breaches—that is, breaches affecting your cloud apps and services that result from the exploitation of human vulnerability through advanced phishing and social engineering tactics—are a primary concern for Security teams. Of all the apps normally targeted in a breach, Atlassian’s Jira has proven itself to be a regular target of sophisticated threat actors. This isn’t surprising as Jira is typically the primary project management platform for proprietary software development. To stop these attacks, security teams need an extensible platform that provides consistent visibility and security automation across not only Jira but all cloud apps and services for holistic, higher fidelity detection. Abnormal provides that platform.

How Abnormal Secures Jira

Simple API Integration

Connect directly to Atlassian Access with Abnormal’s cloud-native API architecture—automatically ingesting and normalizing sign-in signals related to every human in your organization that accesses the Jira platform.

Continuous Monitoring of Human Behavior in Jira

Build dynamic behavioral profiles for every human accessing Jira, develop a behavioral baseline, then automatically detect and analyze anomalous deviations from that baseline.

AI Account Takeover and Response

When suspicious activity occurs, Abnormal Human Behavior AI automatically triggers the creation of a contextual Case populated with Jira activity. Each Case is scored based on detection confidence and continually enriched with new activity across all platforms integrated with Abnormal.


of companies are targeted by account takeover attempts each week.


chance of a successful account takeover each week for organizations with 50,000+ employees.


total amount saved by customers due to account takeovers stopped by Abnormal in 2023.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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