An Abnormal Approach to Email Security

See how Abnormal is working to make the cloud a safer place for business by protecting against all types of attacks across all types of cloud applications.
An Abnormal Approach to Email Security

Video Transcript

Evan Reiser, CEO and Co-Founder

Today, millions of advanced email attacks are evading traditional secure gateways, which is shown by the 44 billion lost to business email compromise alone.

Abnormal prevents these attacks. Our behavioral AI platform directly integrates with your cloud email through an API in minutes, quickly ingesting thousands of diverse signals, and learning the behavior of every user and every identity in your cloud environment.

Unlike traditional solutions, Abnormal does not simply look for the known bad. Instead, the machine learning models baseline known-good behavior and build a rich context to analyze the risk of every event and precisely detect the anomalies to stop the attacks that others miss. And with automated remediation and workflows, Abnormal allows security operations teams to put cloud email security on autopilot, saving thousands of hours every year.

That's why 10% of the Fortune 500 trust Abnormal to protect their inboxes. And why 100% of our customers are willing to recommend our cloud email security platform to keep their organization safe. This isn't security as usual. This is abnormal.

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Abnormal only takes minutes to set up, doesn't interrupt your mailflow, and requires no additional effort to uncover attacks that are lurking in employee mailboxes. Contact us today to schedule a product demo.

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