Abnormal Security + Forcepoint

Protect your cloud email environment from malicious attacks coming in and sensitive data going out.
Abnormal Security + Forcepoint

People are working anywhere with business-critical data that lives everywhere—far beyond the walls of an office building. This sprawl makes it challenging for security teams to keep up with where their data lives, let alone ensure it is protected effectively and accessed appropriately. Organizations need to secure a significant amount of confidential and critical data in their cloud-based email ecosystem from the full spectrum of risk.

Abnormal and Forcepoint Provide the Solution, Together

  • Model normal activity across every entity in an organization using Abnormal’s cloud-native API architecture, which ingests the richest behavioral dataset to provide risk visibility and stop attacks.
  • Secure the use of data wherever it lives (email, cloud apps, web, endpoints, and more) with Forcepoint’s unified data security policy management that eliminates the need for duplicate systems.
  • Detect and respond to sophisticated inbound email attacks automatically and with precision using Abnormal’s behavioral AI.
  • Safeguard your data with unparalleled accuracy delivered by Forcepoint’s ML-based content recognition to detect 900+ file types of both structured and unstructured data.

Prevent Outbound Data Loss

Forcepoint’s industry-leading solution offers a built-in library of 1,700+ policy templates and simplified management of policies and incidents.

Secure Inbound Email

Abnormal’s behavioral AI platform adds a deep understanding of the business to effectively stop the full spectrum of email attacks.

Ease the Search

Whether you're already using Abnormal for email security or Forcepoint for DLP, you can add the other quickly to achieve complete inbound and outbound email protection.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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