5 Key Insights from the Abnormal Dashboard

Discover how the Abnormal dashboard offers visibility into your email environment to better protect against potential threats.
June 23, 2023

These days, cybersecurity has become more important than ever as malicious actors are constantly evolving their tactics to gain access to sensitive data and networks. Your best defense is a good offense and the most effective way to accomplish that is by equipping yourself with the right knowledge. Using the Abnormal dashboard, organizations can gain visibility into their email environment and better protect themselves from emerging threats.

In this article, we’ll explore five key insights from the Abnormal Dashboard that provide an in-depth look at attack frequency, trending attacks, most impersonated entities, recipient employees breakdown, and attacker strategy breakdown. By understanding these different attack vectors, organizations will be more prepared to defend against potential threats.

1. Attack Frequency

One of the key insights offered by the Abnormal dashboard is an overview of attack frequency. A chart displays the range of attacks detected by Abnormal during the past 30 days (or any customized day range), broken down to show the type and frequency of attacks received each day. Using this information, you can begin to understand attack patterns and predict times when additional security measures may be warranted.


2. Trending Attacks

Attackers are constantly looking for new ways to breach organizations’ defenses, so it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. The Trending Attacks feature in the Abnormal dashboard provides visibility into all attack types stopped by Abnormal. Having insight into which attack vectors are most frequently used can help organizations understand what strategies they need to implement in order to better protect themselves from potential threats. This feature also allows users to compare attack frequencies over time so they can see if attackers are targeting them more frequently or less frequently at certain times of the year.


3. Most Impersonated Entities

The Most Impersonated Entities portion of the Abnormal dashboard provides organizations with key insights into the identities attackers are impersonating the most, allowing them to create processes that can help end-users quickly recognize false emails, documents, and websites. By understanding who attackers may be targeting and how these attacks look, companies can better protect their brand reputation and data integrity.


4. Recipient Employees Breakdown

Organizations can leverage the Recipient Employees Breakdown insights to gain a comprehensive view of their email environment. Through this dashboard, security teams can uncover the relationship between employee roles as well as the frequency and type of attacks. With these insights, organizations can better equip employees with the knowledge they need to identify malicious emails, documents, and websites before clicking on any suspicious links or attachments.


5. Attacker Strategy Breakdown

Another unique insight offered by the Abnormal dashboard is the Attacker Strategy Breakdown. This feature allows the user to see the tactics most frequently employed by threat actors attempting to gain access to an organization’s email environment—from name impersonation to unknown senders to spoofed emails, account takeovers, and more. Equipped with this information, security teams can create more robust defense systems that help protect them against advanced threats and keep their data safe from unauthorized access.


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5 Key Insights from the Abnormal Dashboard

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