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Troy Hunt on ATO: Account Takeovers as the Hidden Threat

In 2021, compromised credentials were responsible for 20% of all data breaches, making them the most common initial attack vector. Even worse, it takes an average of 250 days to realize that the compromise has even occurred and another 91 days to contain the breach.

With the average cost of a data breach being $4.37 million, it’s clear how large of a threat account takeovers pose to organizations and their employees.

In this webinar, Abnormal CISO Mike Britton is joined by Troy Hunt, an expert in compromised credentials and the brains behind HaveIBeenPwned.com, to examine account takeover attacks. Mike and Troy discuss:

  • How account takeovers occur, both for individuals and organizations

  • What cybercriminals can do once they gain access to even one email account

  • Why the number of compromises continues to grow, despite increased security measures

  • What you can do to prevent your organization from becoming a victim of the next data breach

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After viewing this webinar, you are eligible for 1 CPE credit through (ISC)²

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