Account Takeover Prevention: A Critical Security Control for Today’s Healthcare Organizations

For cybercriminals, penetrating a healthcare organization is like striking gold. Provider and payer professionals have access to some of the highest-value data in the world, including patients’ personal details, medical histories, social security numbers, insurance information, and more.

Because messages originating from compromised email accounts are often nearly identical to legitimate communications, they can be very challenging to spot and address quickly. This webinar with Rick Doten, VP of Information Security at Centene Corporation, will discuss:

  • Why email fraud continues to rise in popularity, particularly in the healthcare sector, and how cybercriminals are evolving their attack methods
  • Which attack techniques are the most concerning and devastating for healthcare organizations
  • How to prevent account takeover attempts and attacks from compromised accounts now and in the future
  • Why a new, behavioral data science-based approach to cybersecurity is needed to prevent new and emerging threats for the healthcare industry

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After viewing this webinar, you are eligible for 1 CPE credit through (ISC)².

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