What Is Email Quarantine?

Email quarantine is a protective measure employed by email servers to safeguard against potentially harmful or unwanted emails. When suspicious emails are detected, such as those containing malware, phishing attempts, or spam, they are placed in quarantine rather than being delivered to the recipient's inbox.

How Does it Work?

Using pre-defined filters, rules, threat intelligence, artificial intelligence, and/or a combination of these detection models, emails classified as malicious (such as Phishing, spam, malware, etc.) are diverted/redirected to quarantine, isolating them from end-users.

The primary function of quarantine is to prevent harmful messages from reaching end-users. Only security administrators can access the emails diverted and stored in the quarantine.

In case of false positives (safe messages classified as malicious), security administrators can access quarantine and release these messages to end-users' inboxes.

What is Available?

Abnormal integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace using a unique API architecture. This integration gives the platform access to human-related signals, allowing Abnorma’s AI to build a behavior baseline for each employee in the organization.

The API integration gives Abnormal access to the native capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, allowing our customers to continue to use their respective email quarantine capabilities.

Accessing an email quarantine depends on your email provider, but it typically involves a web interface rather than directly through your email client.

Additional information on managing quarantine messages for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace can be found on their websites.

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