Abnormal + Valimail Bring Next-Generation Email Security

Discover the benefits of a modern, best-of-breed solution to email security with Abnormal Security and Valimail’s New Partnership.
November 8, 2022

Abnormal Security and Valimail were both founded with a similar mission in mind—to protect email and enable trusted communication across the internet. Since our founding, both teams focused intensely on solving the growing threat of business email compromise (BEC) for our customers.

Some of the largest organizations in the world trust us to deliver world-class technology to prevent all types of BEC attacks—though in different ways. Abnormal leverages industry-leading AI technology to baseline known-good behavior, allowing the platform to detect behavioral anomalies in email to identify and prevent inbound attacks. On the other side, Valimail’s patented email authentication ensures every outbound email is sent from the legitimate source, blocking high-volume spoofing and impersonation attacks before they happen.

Together, Abnormal and Valimail provide critical technologies to extend the built-in email security capabilities of native Microsoft and Google platforms. With the combination of the three technologies, customers have a best-in-class, well-integrated solution that protects their businesses from the socially-engineered attacks that can harm their employees and customers.

The Abnormal + Valimail Alliance

Today, we’re excited to announce that Abnormal and Valimail have forged a partnership that enables our teams to work together to bring our leading technologies to market. This combination is a win-win for customers using native Microsoft or Google for email security and who are looking to build a solution that provides superior protection against the full spectrum of email attacks.

Key benefits of the strategic partnership include:

  • Complete BEC coverage across both outbound and inbound email attacks with cutting-edge advancements in each category.

  • A 100% cloud-based solution that works with cloud deployments of Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

  • Simple setup works within minutes, with no need to code or build custom configurations for deployment.

With our combined solutions, customers can rest assured that they are protected from the full spectrum of attacks.

The Path to Partnership for Abnormal and Valimail

Abnormal and Valimail have worked in tandem for dozens of Microsoft and Google customers over the last several years. Throughout that time, we realized that customers were continually choosing Microsoft and Google over traditional email security solutions due to the platform’s superior approach to content filtering and overall email protection. Together, Abnormal and Valimail became key partners to those organizations who were looking to fill in critical pieces of their infrastructure, as they sought DMARC authentication and additional protection against advanced attacks. By doing so, customers receive complete protection without the need to purchase additional email security solutions.

So why are Abnormal and Valimail creating an official partnership? First, the products are complementary. The vast majority of Fortune 1000 enterprises are using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace for their cloud email. Both Abnormal and Valimail are committed to these ecosystems. Furthermore, both platforms are aligned to provide comprehensive protection that works to protect customers from all email attacks, whether they start or end inside or outside the firewall. As security leaders look to embrace a next-generation, cloud-first email strategy, they need trusted partners that can extend the protection of Microsoft without the legacy restrictions and overhead.

Secondly, this partnership makes business sense. Abnormal Security and Valimail are both experienced and committed Microsoft IP co-sell partners, with Azure Marketplace offerings available for purchase. Now, customers can easily procure both products to create a best-in-class solution, without the typical downsides of complex setup or integration work required. With this partnership, customers receive all of the purchasing benefits of a traditional email security suite, without compromising on feature functionality or feeling cornered by a single vendor with outsized negotiation leverage.

This level of commitment and partnership can also be extended to Google customers with Google Workspace customers seeking email security.

What This Means for You

As email attacks continue to evolve, it’s critical that companies are armed with the best available technology to thwart the latest threats. Abnormal and Valimail are proud to partner with Microsoft and Google to keep business email secure and enable trusted digital communications—and we look forward to doing it together.

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Abnormal + Valimail Bring Next-Generation Email Security

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