Unmatched Precision for Unmatched Protection: Launching a New Abnormal Brand

For those of you who have visited the Abnormal website over the last month, you’ve seen something different—a redesigned brand focused on precision. It’s new and innovative, and different from any other cybersecurity company, because it was created with one thing in mind: our customers.
December 1, 2021

For those of you who have visited the Abnormal website over the last month, you’ve seen something different—a redesigned brand focused on precision. It’s new and innovative, and different from any other cybersecurity company, because it was created with one thing in mind: our customers.

While the idea of customer obsession is tossed around in most companies, this is the first organization in my career where it truly plays out on a daily basis. Across the company, this focus on our customers allows us to deliver on our promise to shield them from the most important and costly email attacks. They rely on us to protect them from business email compromise, ransomware, and other advanced threats—the ones that have the highest financial consequences and result in the most reputational damage.

Introducing the Precision AI/ML Behavioral Engine

Knowing this, we sought to create a brand that encompassed the trust they were placing in us, and the precision through which we deliver.

  • The brand is about unmatched precision. That is our value proposition.

  • We deliver precision through our unique behavioral approach. Our precision enables us to provide the best protection for our customers.

  • We will own precision. No other competitor on the market can match our precision. This is a proven fact.

At Abnormal, we have to have an immense amount of precision in the machine learning algorithms powering our products, so that we can stop all malicious attacks without generating the false positives that can hurt business operations for our customers. We do this through our behavioral AI and our ability to baseline known good, and it’s why our customers say things like “Email security is broken. Abnormal Security is the fix.”

The next step was simply to elevate our visual identity to match that—to infuse our magic into our visual elements with a new identity that could support our bold and ambitious future. This was an opportunity to take the experience that our customers have within our product, and provide it to everyone who interacts with Abnormal in any capacity. I’m pleased to say that we’ve done this, through new visual elements that will carry us through the next phase of transformative growth, with the same dedication to our customers that we’ve always had.

Infusing Precision into the Brand

The idea of precision is infused in all elements of our brand, and plays out across all our customer touchpoints including our new website and within the product. The recognizable grid underpins and overlays the entire design system—used everywhere from imagery to illustrations, applications, animations and iconography. This element emphasizes that while human nature is to trust the people we see and the emails they send, Abnormal behavioral algorithms can accurately predict whether that trust is warranted.

Blog gridface

Our brand is unlike anything else. Like other forward-thinking eras of design, we are focused on blending iconic styles, taking elements that can be orchestrated together, and leaving out those that are imprecise.

Key elements are our grid, proportions of long and thin shapes, straight and smooth lines, and streamlined and sleek forms. We also include a focus on a clean functional approach, without sacrificing beauty. What makes the brand successful is the fact that our product has the ability to focus on precisely what matters: our promise to customers.

You’ll also see custom iconography and illustrations, with each icon drawn to take inspiration from the forms in the font and the unique shape in the characters. Illustrations were created using keylines and geometric shapes to feel technical and precise, while also simplifying the complexity of the platform.

Brand icons

Our new color scheme moves us away from the blues and reds that are so prevalent in our industry and to something that is optimistic and unique. We’re always searching for the good and the normal, because it’s only by knowing baselines that we can determine when something deviates from it—when an email might be abnormal and thus malicious.

Brand colors were carefully selected to reflect this and to create a balance of technical and approachable, using a restricted palette of black, white, and purple to create a highly usable system that is immediately recognizable.

Color palette

And finally, anyone who interacts with Abnormal is bound to recognize that we have a new logo, one that reflects our unique approach to solving an evolving problem. The new logo is simple, bold and iconic—everything you expect from an abnormal brand. With a strong, precise feel, this new wordmark helps establish the new visual identity, while also showcasing how we are different from traditional security companies.

Moving Abnormal Forward and Disrupting the Category

According to Gartner in the 2021 Market Guide for Email Security, the market is moving away from traditional email security to a combination of native cloud email security and integrated cloud email security (ICES) solutions. Gartner also asserted that an API approach is needed—one that uses behavioral AI to understand good behavior and thereby block anomalies. With this in mind, we introduced the Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security product, moving the email security market into the future and using a unique approach that provides additional protection for our customers.

Our new brand elements reflect our unique approach, how we solve hard problems, and what it means to be obsessed with our customers, continuing to provide them with the most precise solution and unlocking that customer experience they expect from a company that is unlike any other. It captures the magic between Abnormal and our customers, shows how we stand out and do things differently, and champions innovation with a new approach.

The new Abnormal has arrived. We can’t wait for what comes next.

To learn more about how we approach email security with precision, request a demo today.

Unmatched Precision for Unmatched Protection: Launching a New Abnormal Brand

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