B Health Care
Email attacks like BEC against the healthcare industry are on the rise in 2023. Protect yourself with sophisticated cloud-native email security.
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Fbi 50 billion bec cover
The FBI IC3 identified $51 billion in exposed losses due to business email compromise from 2013 to 2022—an increase from previous estimations.
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B 6 2 23 cybercriminals
Businesses need to stay ahead of malicious apps, social engineering, and more to keep their emails safe.
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B 5 15 23 Israel BEC
Abnormal research into an advanced Israel-based threat group puts a spotlight on the continuing rise of BEC attacks.
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B Most Costly BEC Attack Examples
Losses from business email compromise (BEC) attacks are consistently increasing. Here are 11 examples of the most costly BEC attacks from the past decade.
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B Business Email Compromise Response
Knowing what to do after receiving a business email compromise attack is essential for preventing costly consequences. Learn how to respond to BEC attacks.
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B SVB Closure Cybersecurity Threats
The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) closure has created opportunities for threat actors to launch more convincing email attacks. Here's how to lower your risk.
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B Common Social Engineering Attacks
Learn about the psychology behind social engineering attacks and the steps you can take to block these advanced email threats.
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Blog fbi ic3 cover
It’s IC3 Report week! In what has become an annual holiday for anyone that’s heavily involved in researching business email compromise (BEC) attacks, the FBI released its 2021 Internet Crime Report that details trends in various types of cybercrime activity over the past year.
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Blog dark keyboard
Business email compromise (BEC) is the most significant cybersecurity threat to enterprise organizations, with $1.8 billion in reported losses in 2020 alone. This type of email attack occurs when a cybercriminal uses social engineering to impersonate a trusted contact...
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Blog purple calendar
Abnormal Security recently detected two new types of attacks where scammers are targeting victims by redirecting their own Microsoft 365 out-of-office replies as well as read receipts back to them. These tactics indicate attackers are using every available tool and loophole...
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