Dan Nickolaisen

Solutions Architect

Dan Nickolaisen is a solutions architect at Abnormal Security, working in both pre and post-sales capacities. Specifically, in post-sales, Dan works with Abnormal Security customers to assist in deprecating investments in third-party SEGs by migrating to and maximizing use in their Microsoft and Google investments.

B 4 28 23 SE Gpng
Discover how real-world attackers abuse compromised personal email accounts to elicit response and realize financial and informational gain.
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B Open Red
Discover how real-world attackers use open redirects to access sensitive data, bypassing traditional secure email gateways.
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B 3 14 23 Fraud
Discover how Abnormal detects and remediates payment fraud and invoice email attacks that bypass secure email gateways (SEGs).
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B 2 28 23 SEG
See how Abnormal protects your organization from advanced attacks occuring outside your email environment and bypassing your SEG.
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B 2 22 23 O Auth
Discover how Abnormal detects the advanced OAuth Phishing attacks that bypass traditional security email gateways.
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Secure email gateways (SEGs) have proven effective in the past, but they are ineffective against modern social engineering tactics and targeted email threats.
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