Creating Active Feedback Loops to Detect Advanced Attacks

March 1, 2021

Abnormal Security prides itself on its differentiated technology and superior efficacy when it comes to stopping advanced email attacks. Despite the overwhelming effectiveness of our platform, like all advanced AI systems, we may occasionally miss attacks or incorrectly flag safe messages.

In line with our value of customer-centricity, our objective is to make the customer experience for reporting these messages as seamless as possible. Additionally, per our value of velocity, we strive to make rapid changes to the system and allow our detection engine to benefit from more data, thereby creating a positive feedback loop that further drives detection efficacy in the future.

To better align with these objectives, we have revamped our user experience for reporting incorrectly flagged messages. Our new Detection 360° tab in the Portal navigation bar provides a consolidated view where customers can report messages and view prior reports and status updates. In addition to this redesign for increased user friendliness, we also have new cards with general detection statistics and the ability to filter reports on status and date, which adds convenience and visibility into the consistent improvements of our AI engine.

Active feedback dashboard

We hope this added functionality provides confidence in our AI systems and the degree to which we use customer feedback to ensure we are always increasing performance. Such improvements are critical as we continue our quest to detect and remediate every advanced, harmful email attack that targets our customers’ environments.

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