Stop Internal Chat App Attacks

Detect malicious links shared in Slack, Teams, and Zoom chats and channels.
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Malicious Chat Content Goes Undetected

Attackers employ social engineering techniques to compromise credentials or trick users into following links that take them to risky websites where they unintentionally download dangerous files.

How Abnormal Detects Internal Chat App Attacks

  1. Leverages AI to scan for malicious links in message threads and chats.
  2. Monitors public channels, private channels, and direct messages for malicious content.
  3. Understands normal user behavior to recognize when an account may be compromised.

An AI-Native Approach to Detecting Internal Chat App Attacks

  1. Extends email protection to collaboration apps via the API architecture.
  2. Detects and analyzes patterns associated with learned attack tactics using behavioral AI.
  3. Detects risky collaboration app sign-in events from known-bad IPs, suspicious locations, or clients.

Abnormal Benefits of Detecting Internal Chat App Attacks

Makes internal collaboration safer across connected applications.
Centralizes email and messaging attack investigations in one place.
Covers gaps in security awareness training to prevent malicious chat activity.

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