Stop External Chat App Attacks

Detect malicious messages from external users and vendors to keep your communication channels secure.
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External Chat Users Invite Third-Party Risk

Vendors, contractors, and other external users do not carry the same level of trust or adherence to security policies as internal employees. It's difficult to know if an external collaborator will abide by security policies or if that user's account has been compromised.

How Abnormal Stops External Chat App Attacks

  1. Leverages machine learning to scan for malicious links in message threads and chats.
  2. Monitors public channels, private channels, and direct messages for malicious content.
  3. Understands normal user behavior to recognize when an account may be compromised.

A Unique Approach to Stopping External Chat App Attacks

  1. The API architecture easily extends email protection to collaboration apps.
  2. Advanced AI models detect and analyze patterns associated with learned attack tactics.
  3. Enriches investigation with external chat app attack data to enhance understanding of the attack surface.

Abnormal Benefits of Detecting External Chat App Attacks

Makes collaboration with external partners and vendors safer.
Centralizes communication security across email and messaging.
Surfaces malicious activity on otherwise under-protected collaboration platforms.

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