Abnormal for Atlassian

Analyze the behavior of humans accessing Jira.
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Risks to Jira Are Risks to the Business

Jira Is a Prime Attack Target

Nation-state attackers have attempted to compromise Atlassian’s 200,000 customers with sophisticated exploits to access sensitive data.

Security Has Limited Visibility

Security teams must secure Jira to protect the sensitive data contained in tickets, Timelines, and Scrum Boards, but often lack direct access and visibility into Jira user behaviors.

Traditional Solutions Fall Short

86% of security leaders feel current tools do not do enough to stop threats like account compromise from affecting apps like Jira.

How Abnormal Secures Jira

Greater Visibility into Jira

You have Jira projects to protect. Through API integration, Abnormal ingests and normalizes Jira sign-in data—analyzing rich telemetry related to access patterns and building a behavioral baseline. Abnormal knows who normally accesses Jira and continuously monitors for changes.

Detect and Investigate Jira Threats

When suspicious behavioral deviations in Jira are detected, Abnormal’s Human Behavior AI automatically triggers the creation of a Case. Each Case includes not only Jira events but correlates all activity across email, cloud, and SaaS platform the suspicious user has accessed—consolidated into a single timeline. This helps the SOC team investigate threats that may have gone unnoticed.

Simple, Effective Security for Jira

Data Integration Platform
Easily integrate and ingest behavioral signals from multiple cloud applications and services, including Jira, with our cloud-native API architecture.
Explore sign-in activity, permissions, and admin roles in Jira for every person in your cloud environment through comprehensive behavioral profiles.
Account Takeover Protection
Extend uniform protection from account takeovers across multiple cloud applications and services, including Atlassian.
Vendors say their integration will be easy and seamless, but we’ve found that there are usually issues. It was refreshing to see Abnormal actually deliver on that integration promise.”
— Mike Freeman, Cybersecurity Manager, Sentara Health

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