Hacking with Hackers: Uncovering the Human Element of Cybercrime

Hackers Rachel Tobac and James Linton share how to better protect against socially-engineered attacks. Watch the on-demand webinar from Vision 2023.
Hacking with Hackers: Uncovering the Human Element of Cybercrime

From the Nigerian Prince scams of the late 1990s to the sophisticated invoice fraud of today, one thing remains the same: attackers know how to take advantage of human emotions. Whether the goal is to steal thousands from your Grandma Sue or millions from a tech giant like Google, social engineering tactics typically play a role.

Rachel Tobac and James Linton are two well-known hackers who are both intimately familiar with how social engineering can be used for evil. Rachel is best known for her sophisticated vishing attacks at DEFCON, while James gained notoriety for a successful email attack on Eric Trump.

In this recorded session from Vision 2023, Rachel and James discuss:

  • How they became successful hackers, with stories about their most notorious attacks

  • What information hackers can uncover, both on the impersonated victim and the target, to run their attacks

  • What security leaders can do to better protect their employees and their organizations

  • How the social engineering landscape is changing as we all become a little more aware of the threat

Watch the webinar to see why social engineering is both the threat of the present and of the future.

After viewing this webinar, you are eligible for 1 CPE credit through (ISC)².

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