Author Lane Billings

Lane Billings

Lane Billings is the Director of Product & Customer Marketing at Abnormal, where she leads messaging, positioning, and external-facing content creation focused on Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES).

B The Great SEG Migration Lessons Learned from Replacing 100 SE Gs
Uncover why 70% of Abnormal customers ditched their SEGs and learn 7 crucial lessons for enhanced email protection from product experts in this session from Vision 2024.
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B 1500x1500 MKT420 Post Forrester TEI 1
Take a deep dive into Forrester’s recent Total Economic Impact study of Abnormal Security.
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B Seg WS
Explore how your security team can simplify email security by eliminating legacy secure email gateways (SEGs).
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B 11 6 23 Dexko
Discover how DexKo Global modernized their email security stack and blocked advanced attacks by removing their legacy SEG.
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