The Great SEG Migration: Lessons Learned from Replacing 100 SEGs

Uncover why 70% of Abnormal customers ditched their SEGs and learn 7 crucial lessons for enhanced email protection from product experts in this session from Vision 2024.
The Great SEG Migration: Lessons Learned from Replacing 100 SEGs

Why have 70% of Abnormal customers moved away from their secure email gateways entirely? And what did they learn in the process? Discover all this and more in this session, where two product experts provide the seven lessons they wish everyone knew when it came to better email protection.

Watch this on-demand webinar from Vision 2024 to learn:

  • Which attacks are still bypassing the legacy SEGs—and why those attacks are increasing

  • How Microsoft 365 has increased its native support, and what that means for customers

  • Why hundreds of customers are thrilled with their decision to remove the SEG

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Dan Nickolaisen

Abnormal Security

Lane Billings

Abnormal Security

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