A SOCcessful Team: How to Make Your Security Operations More Efficient

In this on-demand webinar from Vision 2023, security leaders from Acrisure and Abnormal Security discuss how SOC teams can prioritize more effectively.
A SOCcessful Team: How to Make Your Security Operations More Efficient

No matter how big your security operations team is, your employees are likely overwhelmed. There are hundreds (or thousands) of user-reported threats coming in every day, and the security of your organization depends on them prioritizing the right things.

Which tasks will help to mitigate risk the most? And how do they know what to focus on?

In this recorded session from Vision 2023, Anthony Coggins, Security Operations Leader at Acrisure, and Mick Leach, Head of Security Operations at Abnormal Security, discuss how their respective organizations are preparing their security operations teams for new priorities in the new year.

Anthony and Mick share the answers to important questions, including:

  • What types of tasks take priority for your team, and what will always get deprioritized?

  • How do you respond to new attacks quickly and accurately?

  • What have you done to scale efficiency without increasing headcount?

  • Where do you see the SOC moving? What new roles are on the horizon?

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After viewing this webinar, you are eligible for 0.5 CPE credits through (ISC)².

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