7 Lessons Learned from Replacing 100+ SEGs

Discover why 70% of Abnormal customers have migrated away from their SEGs and the lessons we've learned while helping them do so.
7 Lessons Learned from Replacing 100+ SEGs

Secure email gateways (SEGs) were once the standard for protecting organizations from email-based threats by filtering and blocking malicious emails. However, as cyber threats have become more sophisticated, SEGs struggle to keep up with advanced attacks.

Abnormal has been actively involved in the SEG migration process, assisting organizations globally in transitioning from secure email gateways to modern solutions. In fact, 70% of Abnormal customers moved away from their secure email gateways entirely.

This white paper shares key insights we've gained from replacing over 100 SEGs for our users.

Download 7 Lessons Learned from Replacing 100+ SEGs to discover:

  • Understand the limitations of traditional SEGs in combatting modern email threats

  • Explore real-world attacks that are frequently bypassing the SEG

  • Discover the benefits of replacing your SEG with an AI-powered solution

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