Abnormal for Manufacturers

Discover the AI-based email security platform that protects manufacturers from the full spectrum of email attacks.
Abnormal for Manufacturers

Outdated Security Puts Manufacturing Processes and Productivity at Risk

Cybercriminals go after manufacturers to steal data, engage in corporate or nation-state espionage, and commit financial fraud. The risks are pervasive: Each company has an 89% chance of experiencing a financial supply chain email attack each week, and there was a 60% increase in the number of business email compromise attacks in 2022.

Outdated Security Puts Manufacturing Processes and Productivity at Risk

Manufacturers who rely on legacy security solutions like secure email gateways and air gaps to defend OT/ICS systems face elevated risks. Advanced email attacks that are designed to bypass legacy systems can lead to ransomware, operational interruptions, fraud, lost revenue, and compromised data.

Modern Security Shields Manufacturers from Advanced Threats

Abnormal’s cloud-native solution integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes and uses thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and content to separate legitimate messages from dangerous threats. Because Abnormal recognizes anomalies even in ongoing conversations, it can immediately detect and remediate threats that legacy systems miss, keeping manufacturers safe from attacks.

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Real-World Results from an Industrial Manufacturer


hours per week saved on email investigations and remediation.


high- and medium-risk vendor accounts identified.


decrease in daily unsafe user email engagements.

Get AI Protection for Your Human Interactions

Protect your organization from socially-engineered email attacks that target human behavior.
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