Abnormal for K-12 School Systems

Schools are increasingly popular targets for advanced email attacks. See how Abnormal blocks these threats.

K-12 schools are home to student information, intellectual property, and sensitive research data. They also have large email attack surfaces, including staff, faculty, students, board members, vendors, partner institutions, and more. That’s why schools are increasingly popular targets for advanced email attacks that can cost millions to remediate.

Abnormal for K 12 School Systems Stats

Advanced Attackers Know How to Evade Defenses

Modern credential phishing, ransomware, business email compromise, and account takeover attacks get past legacy defenses. Every threat that reaches the inbox puts school systems at risk for data breaches, FERPA violations, IP theft, financial losses, reputational damage, and loss of public trust. And while security awareness training is beneficial, ensuring that thousands of students, staff, board members, and others know how to spot an attack can be exceedingly difficult.

Modern Email Security for Educational Organizations

Abnormal’s cloud-native solution integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes and uses thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and content to separate legitimate messages from dangerous threats. Because Abnormal recognizes anomalies even in ongoing conversations, it instantly detects and remediates advanced threats that legacy systems miss—protecting your faculty, staff, students, and others.

What Sets Abnormal Apart

  • No disruption to mail flow and no changes to MX records required.
  • Protection against internal and external account compromise.
  • AI-driven triage, investigation, and auto-remediation for more efficient SOC workflows.

Discover Abnormal for K-12 School Systems. Download the datasheet here.

Abnormal for K-12 School Systems

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