Abnormal for the Energy and Infrastructure Industries

Discover the AI-based email security platform that protects energy and infrastructure organizations from the full spectrum of email attacks
Abnormal for the Energy and Infrastructure Industries

Energy and Infrastructure are High-Stakes Targets

Pipelines, water treatment facilities, utility grids, and power plants are routinely targeted by ransomware groups, BEC actors, and other cybercriminals seeking to shut down, disrupt, or hijack critical operational technologies. Increasingly, these attacks arrive packaged as emails designed to evade standard security solutions.

Traditional Tools are No Match for New Threats

Traditional email security tools can’t detect today’s socially-engineered attacks. That creates risks that multiply when IT and OT converge. An email threat that in the past wouldn’t have affected operations can now have far-reaching consequences for production, distribution, and safety.

Advanced Email Security for Energy and Infrastructure Providers

Abnormal’s cloud-native solution integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace in minutes and uses thousands of signals across identity, behavior, and content to separate legitimate messages from dangerous threats. Because Abnormal recognizes anomalies even in ongoing conversations, it can immediately detect and remediate threats that legacy systems miss—keeping energy and infrastructure organizations safe and operational.

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Email-Based Attacks Threaten Operations and Public Safety


portion of critical infrastructure enterprises forecasted to experience a major security breach by 2025.


increase in cyberattacks on critical infrastructure organizations from 2013 through 2020.


average cost of a data breach in 2022.

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