CISO Guide to QR Code Attacks

Discover the latest iteration in phishing: QR code attacks. Learn how threat actors exploit QR codes in malicious emails and how to protect your organization.
CISO Guide to QR Code Attacks

QR code phishing is the latest in a long line of malicious initiatives designed by enterprising attackers to evade organizational security measures and deceive end users. In these attacks, threat actors utilize social engineering to trick targets into interacting with a malicious QR code that is linked to a phishing page.

Although phishing is sometimes dismissed as a less serious threat, it’s usually just the first stage in larger, more damaging attacks. Thus, stopping quishing emails before they reach employees is essential to avoid costly consequences.

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  • How threat actors exploit QR codes for phishing

  • Why QR code phishing attacks are successful

  • How to better protect your organization from quishing attacks

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