CISO Guide to Collaboration App Attacks

Discover the risks associated with collaboration app attacks in your cloud email environment and how to combat them.
CISO Guide to Collaboration App Attacks

Slack. Microsoft Teams. Zoom. Jira. Asana. Confluence.

The list of collaboration applications has never been more extensive. As organizations have migrated to a more distributed workforce, there has been an increased need for communications applications.

There is no denying that these tools make it easier for employees to communicate, share files, and manage projects. But what is good for business is oftentimes also good for cybercrime, as collaboration apps provide more entry points into the organization. So, how can you take advantage of these tools without becoming vulnerable to new cyberattacks?

Download the CISO Guide to Collaboration App Attacks to learn:

  • Which types of attacks are targeting collaboration apps

  • Why collaboration app attacks are successful

  • What can be done to combat these attacks and better protect your organization

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