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Belem Regalado

Threat Researcher

Belem Regalado is a former Threat Researcher at Abnormal Security, focused on malware analysis, hunting, and OSINT. She comes to Abnormal with more than six years of experience in cybersecurity, previously working at BlackBerry and Cylance. In her free time, she volunteers for organizations where her OSINT skills can help people in dangerous situations, with a focus on missing people, human trafficking, and domestic violence.

B 08 18 22 Matanbuchus Malware Blog
In this attack, threat actors impersonate a teacher to deliver Matanbuchus malware-as-a-service (MaaS) using a Google Drive link.
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B 04 05 22 RAT
Threat actors are posing as businesses and individuals seeking tax preparation services and then providing copies of the Sorillus client remote access tool (RAT).
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Blog bazarloaders cover
Actors are now exploiting the customer contact form on websites to bypass email security and encourage BazarLoader downloads.
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