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Analyze all the humans in your Sales Cloud with human behavior AI.
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Understanding the Risks to CRMs Like Sales Cloud

Attackers Want to Access Sales Cloud

Despite the powerful capabilities in Salesforce Shield, attackers continue to target Sales Cloud to access sensitive customer data and execute attacks.

Limited Visibility into Sales Cloud

Security teams must protect Sales Cloud, but these environments can be highly complex and are often not owned by security—limiting visibility.

Traditional Solutions Fall Short

86% of security teams feel current tools are inefficient at stopping threats like account compromise in cloud environments.

How Abnormal Secures Sales Cloud


Centralize Visibility Across the Sales Cloud CRM

The Sales Cloud CRM is a complex ecosystem of sensitive client information, case data, reports, and more. To protect it, Abnormal connects to the Salesforce API then ingests and normalizes Sales Cloud sign-in data—analyzing human access patterns to understand behavioral norms and continuously monitoring for notable anomalous activity.

Contextualize and Investigate Threats to Sales Cloud

When suspicious behavioral deviations are detected in Sales Cloud, the SOC team is automatically notified. Abnormal’s Human Behavior AI creates a contextual timeline of user activity—correlating suspicious Sales Cloud events with other cross-platform behavior spanning email, cloud, and SaaS applications to bolster detection confidence and support investigation.

Simple, Effective Security for Salesforce

Data Integration Platform

Easily integrate and ingest behavioral signals from multiple cloud applications and services, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, with cloud-native API architecture.


Explore sign-in activity, permissions, and admin roles in Sales Cloud for every person in your cloud environment through comprehensive behavioral profiles.

Account Takeover Protection

Extend uniform protection from account takeovers across multiple cloud applications and services, including Salesforce Sales Cloud.
“When we first started looking, Abnormal’s API-based approach really interested us. Abnormal also offered automation capabilities that could reduce the amount of manual work we had to do on investigations and remediation.”
—Jeremy Smith, CISO, Avery Dennison

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