Stop Emails with Malware Attachments

Detect and stop malicious attachments before they reach your employees.
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Malware Attachments are Increasingly Dangerous

Attackers target unsuspecting employees through seemingly trusted digital identities, encouraging them to click on attachments that contain malware. The hyper-personalized emails have relevant topics and convincing content with commonly seen attachments and extensions such as .xlsx and .xlsm.

How Abnormal Stops Email with Malware Attachments

  1. Leverages behavior AI to understand normal activity and detect suspicious emails from unfamiliar senders.
  2. Analyzes attachment extensions to detect those associated with attacks, like macro spreadsheets.
  3. Scans documents to detect patterns associated with attack tactics, such as Excel attachments with empty cells.

An AI-Native Approach to Stopping Malware Attachments

  1. Ingests thousands of behavioral signals from multiple sources via the API architecture to detect unusual email-sending patterns.
  2. Learns usual attachment types received per identity using behavior AI to flag anomalous activity.
  3. Finds attachment content associated with learned attack tactics using language detection AI.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping Malware Attachments

Blocks the spread of dangerous malware and ransomware.
Enables employees to trust the attachments in their inboxes.
Prevents malicious file downloads that can lead to corrupted devices.
Abnormal is a set-it-and-forget-it solution, taking the worry out of cloud email security. The combination of behavioral AI to find malicious emails and automation to remediate them allows my team to focus on other things.”
— David Din, CIO, Virginia Beach City Public Schools

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