Stop Email Platform Attacks

While cloud email platforms enable better collaboration, they often introduce new entry and exit points for attackers.

As these attacks often exploit misconfigurations, it is critical that security teams gain greater visibility into how users and applications interact across cloud email environments.

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Cloud Email Platform Attacks are Increasing

Even MFA Can Be Bypassed

In the first quarter of 2022, there were 113 million attacks targeting MFA , including the string of highly publicized attacks by cybercrime group Lapsus$.
Source: Okta

Third-Party Apps Can Be an Open Door for Attackers

Compromised OAuth applications have become a favorite weapon of attackers, including nation-state actors.
Source: Microsoft

Check Your Privilege

Excessive privileges on user accounts were the primary source of a breach for 21% of organizations surveyed by ISDA.
Source: BeyondTrust


Defining Email Platform Attacks

Account Takeovers

In an account takeover, the attacker can bypass MFA, either by exploiting the lack of Cloud Application Policies (CAP) that would normally block the use of legacy authorization or through brute force one-time passcode (OTP) generation that relies on employees using compromised codes.

Cloud Based Attacks

Malicious Applications

Malicious third-party applications are multi-faceted tools for bad actors, who can either abuse misconfigured cloud email platform APIs to access sensitive messages or silently capture user credentials to gain access to privileged accounts and data.


Insider Threats

Insider threats arise when over-permissioned or unauthorized users maliciously access privileged information and use that access to steal or leak data. Often, these insiders can abuse lax security configurations or deploy social engineering tactics to gain admin access to critical resources.


A New Solution to Combat New Threats

Reactive Legacy Approach

Existing solutions are too limited to effectively address the full scope of email platform attacks. They offer limited visibility into platform activity, require time-consuming manual processes, and lack risk context—contributing to alert fatigue by sharing every event instead of just the ones that matter.

Proactive Modern Solution

A modern solution increases visibility across the email ecosystem, showing administrators when a new user account receives elevated privileges, when a new third-party application is installed, and what permissions each application requires.


An Abnormal Solution to Preventing Email Platform Attacks

Enhances Email Attack Detection

Attackers use inbound attacks as the initial access vector before escalating privileges across the cloud email platform. Abnormal helps you gain visibility to account takeovers and notable configuration changes that may indicate a bad actor is active in your environment.


Increases Visibility Into Configuration Changes that Impact Your Posture

Abnormal offers an easily searchable inventory of users, tenants, and third-party applications. It automatically surfaces potential misconfigurations, as well as configuration changes that could impact your overall security posture across the cloud email environment.


Reduces Manual Efforts Associated with Inventorying and Managing Configurations

Abnormal eliminates the need to employ tedious manual processes to take stock of critical email configurations. It also introduces an acknowledgement workflow so security teams can take the appropriate actions.


Improves Cloud Email Security Posture

By facilitating downstream actions, Abnormal can address risk exposures and provide explainable posture insights with configuration change summaries and overarching risk scores.


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