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Account Takeovers Lead to Costly Data Breaches

Compromised accounts are the most common cause of data breaches. Traditional email security solutions can’t effectively detect account takeovers in progress because they lack visibility into identity, behavior, and device attributes that indicate an account has been hijacked.

How Abnormal Stops Account Takeovers

  1. Learns normal behavior based on location, devices, browsers, and more.
  2. Builds baselines for human behavior across the cloud email and identity platform, highlighting suspicious activities like mail filter rule changes or unusual new MFA device registrations.
  3. Uses natural language understanding to compare messages against typical communication patterns.

A Unique Approach to Stopping Account Takeovers

  1. Analyzes authentication and communication activity to baseline human behavior, understanding login frequency, authentication methods, locations, devices, operating systems, browsers, and more.
  2. Disarms accounts with automatic remediation options.
  3. Blocks internal-internal phishing to prevent lateral movement.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping Email Account Takeovers

Reduces dwell time of active attackers in your environment.

Accelerates investigations with in-depth case timelines.

Saves analysts time with automated or one-click workflow to disarm accounts.
I really like the account compromise feature that auto-detects threats and locks users out of those mailboxes. That was the real cherry on top for me, because it gives me peace of mind that not only is Abnormal blocking all the attacks, but also that if one actually succeeded, Abnormal auto-remediates that mailbox."
— Jim Robinson, CIO, SuperConcepts

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