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Detect malicious activity across your cloud environment.
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Attackers Are Targeting Cloud Apps with New Tactics

The average organization uses 350+ applications to run critical processes and store sensitive data. To access these accounts, threat groups utilize phishing-as-a-service kits or simply buy SaaS session tokens on the dark web. Unfortunately, current solutions cannot stop these account takeovers.

How Abnormal Detects Cloud Account Compromise

  1. Uses an AI-native API architecture that enables integration with identity, collaboration, and cloud infrastructure platforms.
  2. Learns normal human behavior across cloud applications and services and builds a baseline of known human behavior.
  3. Builds and continually enriches a behavioral Case timeline when suspicious activity is detected, enhancing detection confidence and accuracy.
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A Unique Approach to Stopping Cloud Account Takeovers

  1. Integrates with more platforms via API, enabling more holistic protection and greater visibility across your cloud ecosystem.
  2. Analyzes all sign-in activity, including post-authentication signals, with human behavior AI to ensure even attackers that successfully authenticate can be stopped.
  3. Provides a detailed behavioral timeline to bolster investigation and remediation efforts with higher-fidelity detection data.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping Cloud Account Takeovers

Easily integrates with the applications most important to your organization.
Automates and centralizes cloud account takeover detection.
Accelerates investigations with in-depth Case timelines.
"Effectively detecting email account takeovers was already a significant challenge for most organizations; extending that detection across all their other cloud apps creates a problem that’s insurmountable without the right solution. Current tools have limited visibility, tend to be filled with noise, and lack context—but Abnormal is filling this gap.  No other solution has the extensive integrations or behavioral AI-based detection engine that Abnormal provides to quickly ingest, centralize, and analyze application activity comprehensively across the cloud environment. "
— Deputy CISO, Global Insurance Organization

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