Stop Business Email Compromise Scams

Defend against malicious payroll or other financial requests that appear to come from legitimate senders.
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BEC Scams Evade Traditional Security Tools

Business email compromise attacks are often successful because they don’t leverage malicious links or attachments that traditional security tools are designed to detect. Instead, cybercriminals send seemingly legitimate payroll requests, gift card requests, or banking account updates to defraud organizations.

How Abnormal Stops BEC Scams

  1. Analyzes content to identify language associated with BEC fraud, such as direct deposit changes or other financial requests.
  2. Monitors identity to recognize unusual sending behavior, such as use of a personal email address or a lookalike domain.
  3. Distinguishes urgency and recognizes changes in tone.

A Unique Approach to Stopping Business Email Compromise

  1. The API architecture ingests thousands of unique signals to understand sending patterns.
  2. Sender identity analysis uses identity attributes and communication patterns to identify suspicious characteristics.
  3. Natural language processing detects content and tone associated with attacks.

Abnormal Benefits of Stopping BEC Scams

Prevents financial loss through payroll fraud or similar scams.
Reduces SOC hours spent on incident investigation and remediation.
Stops the #1 cause of financial losses for organizations.
“Plain-text business email compromise attacks were getting through. The tools ahead of Abnormal are looking for a file or signature, but Abnormal really understands the context with next-generation, next-level machine learning. That’s what is different and it’s why Abnormal is catching these attacks, despite being the last line of defense.”
— Security Engineer at Global 500 Financial Company

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