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Analyze all the humans in Asana with human behavior AI.
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Understanding the Risks to Project Management Platforms

Asana Projects Contain Sensitive Data

Projects in Asana range from sales and marketing campaigns to customer case studies and unpublished press releases—all data an attacker can exploit.

Limited Visibility into Asana Access

While collaboration is a business driver, security teams’ lack of visibility into third-party Asana access creates a major vulnerability.

Traditional Solutions Fall Short

86% of security teams feel current tools are inefficient at stopping threats like account compromise in SaaS apps like Asana.

How Abnormal Secures Asana

Centralize Visibility Across the Asana Platform

Asana is a robust work management platform filled with sensitive, confidential information. To protect it, Abnormal connects via its cloud-native API architecture, ingests and normalizes Asana sign-in data, and analyzes human access patterns to understand behavioral norms and detect anomalous activity.

Contextualize and Investigate Threats to Asana

When anomalous activity is detected in Asana, Abnormal’s Human Behavior AI automatically creates a contextual timeline of user activity to support a thorough investigation—surfacing suspicious Asana events and continually enriching detections as new events are discovered.

Simple, Effective Security for Asana

Data Integration Platform
Easily integrate and ingest behavioral signals from multiple cloud applications and services, including Asana, with cloud-native API architecture.
Explore sign-in activity, permissions, and admin roles in Asana for every person in your cloud environment through comprehensive behavioral profiles.
Account Takeover Protection
Extend uniform protection from account takeovers across multiple cloud applications and services, including Asana.
Vendors say their integration will be easy and seamless, but we’ve found that there are usually issues. It was refreshing to see Abnormal actually deliver on that integration promise.”
— Mike Freeman, Cybersecurity Manager, Sentara Health

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