Securing Cloud Email Environments against Inbound and Emerging Attacks

Abnormal Security's CISO, Mike Britton, shares how enterprises can protect their cloud email environments from inbound attacks and email platform attacks.
Securing Cloud Email Environments against Inbound and Emerging Attacks

Email accounts contain a wealth of sensitive data, and gaining access to one enables attackers to move throughout the entire application ecosystem. Unfortunately, email is also inherently insecure and as a result, it remains one of the easiest ways to infiltrate organizations.

In a recent interview with ISMG, Abnormal Security’s CISO Mike Britton shared his insights on protecting against both inbound email attacks like business email compromise (BEC) and the emerging threat of email platform attacks.

Britton discussed email as an attack vector, why BEC attacks are still so successful, the rise of email platform attacks that bypass the inbox, and how to defend against both types with new technologies.

Watch the interview below:

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