Abnormal Security vs. Proofpoint

Abnormal’s innovative email security solution catches more attacks and is easier to use than Proofpoint.
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Proofpoint is the Past and Abnormal is the Future

  • Proofpoint’s secure email gateway was not built for cloud email. It targets high-volume, low-impact email attacks with known IOCs and misses new attacks like BEC and vendor email compromise.
  • Its architecture lacks visibility and protection against lateral phishing attacks and does not protect collaboration apps, forcing analysts to juggle multiple portals and end-point solutions.
  • Abnormal’s API approach is built specifically for cloud email to identify modern attacks, block them from reaching end users, and automate remediation.
I received an email from Abnormal on a Sunday about a compromised employee email account. With Proofpoint, I would have had to grab a computer and spend hours manually remediating. But Abnormal had already logged out and disabled the user’s account, reset the account password, and pulled the phishing emails from the recipients’ mailboxes. I was very pleased.”
— Peter Mueller, Systems Programmer, Saskatoon Public Schools
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Augment the Email Security You Already Pay For

  • Proofpoint’s secure email gateway forces organizations to disable native email security from Microsoft or Google. Customers end up paying twice for security features—once from their email provider and again from Proofpoint.
  • Abnormal eliminates this redundancy, complementing your cloud email provider. Due to advances in the security features provided by Microsoft and Google, native platforms now provide the same level of protection as Proofpoint.
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The Abnormal and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft covers:

  • Email routing
  • Email hygiene
  • URL rewriting
  • Attachment protection
  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication on inbound mail 

Abnormal covers:

  • Advanced phishing and BEC detection
  • Account takeover protection
  • Multi-channel attack prevention
  • Adaptive graymail filtering
  • SOC automation
  • Email security posture management
  • And more…
Abnormal has been so effective that we’re moving toward eliminating at least one of our secure email gateway solutions.”
— Jason Stead, CISO, Choice Hotels

Secure the Future: Abnormal Is Easier To Implement and Maintain

Installs in seconds without disrupting mail flow or changing MX records.
Simplifies SOC workflow with automated remediation incident triage.
No custom policies, manual rules, or fine-tuning required.

Reviews Say Abnormal Is the Better Choice

60+ Proofpoint and Abnormal customer reviews on G2:

  • Abnormal’s overall 5 rating beats Proofpoint’s 4.5 rating
  • Abnormal meets business needs better than Proofpoint
  • Abnormal offers superior product support than Proofpoint
  • Abnormal is easier to use, set up, and administer than Proofpoint
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800+ verified customer reviews on Gartner Peer Insights:

  • Abnormal’s overall 4.8 rating beats Proofpoint’s 4.5 rating
  • Abnormal’s pricing is better than Proofpoint’s
  • Abnormal is easier to deploy and integrate
  • Abnormal’s service and support is faster and more comprehensive
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Protect your organization from the full spectrum of inbound email attacks with Abnormal.
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