Abnormal Security vs. Proofpoint

Tired of spending your days pivoting between multiple UIs to manage a security tool that still misses sophisticated email attacks?
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Proofpoint Requires More Time for Less Protection

Detections Limited to Known Threats

Proofpoint misses 479 attacks per 1,000 mailboxes that Abnormal stops each month.

Near-Constant Tuning and Oversight

On average, Proofpoint requires 3-5 analysts for tool management.

Disjointed Interfaces Cause SOC Headaches

Proofpoint forces users to pivot across 3-12 UIs to stay protected.
"With our previous SEG, the features got shinier, the knobs turned a bit differently, but the core technology had been the same for quite some time. Abnormal’s AI is constantly learning and retraining, getting updates in near real-time, with auto-remediation and automation we can trust. We went from 12 FTEs for email security to .25 FTEs with Abnormal."
— Director of Information Security, Fortune 50 Retailer

Proofpoint Misses Costly Attacks, Putting Your Business At Risk

Step 1:

Attacker compromises the vendor account and waits until payment information is discussed. The attacker then sends an email from the account to the victim. 

Step 2:

Before sending, the attacker creates a lookalike domain, changing the “L” to an “1”.  All additional communications are sent to that email, allowing the attacker to change the banking account details for the incoming invoice. 

Step 3:

Abnormal detects the attack due to the lookalike domain used and content analysis of the email.
Traditional SEGs like Proofpoint cannot stop attacks like this because the email comes from a known, trusted sender and does not include malicious links or attachments. 
Missing this attack from a compromised vendor would have cost the target organization $266,000 in one fraudulent payment. Traditional SEGs like Proofpoint miss 70% of attacks detected and automatically remediated by Abnormal. Even with Proofpoint’s post-remediation capabilities, malicious emails often sit in user inboxes for 16-20 hours.
Stop detrimental email supply chain attacks with Abnormal’s Human Behavior AI.

Proofpoint is the Past. Abnormal is the Future.

  • Abnormal analyzes every email against tens of thousands of behavioral signals to detect novel attacks. Proofpoint’s behavioral analysis is limited to only 250 data points.
  • The pure API architecture ingests 10x more data specific to your organization, allowing Abnormal’s Human Behavior AI to deeply understand what’s normal for you and block any attack with or without IOCs, such as brand impersonations, invoice fraud, and credential phishing.
Stop More Attacks

Automate Email Security with Abnormal AI

  • Abnormal’s self-learning platform saves enterprise security teams and end users an average of 475 hours per week reviewing and remediating malicious emails and graymail. Proofpoint expects analysts to maintain rules, remediate user-reported emails, and wait weeks for updates to the detection engines to take effect.
  • The AI-powered Abnormal platform requires little manual configuration, is easy to deploy, and autonomously learns, reducing the burden on SOC teams.
Optimize SOC Workflows

Apply Uniform Protection from One Console

  • Get better protection and all your email security answers in one UI. Proofpoint requires customers to manage multiple disjointed consoles and is fundamentally not architected to detect cross-platform attacks, leaving organizations exposed to real risks.
  • Stop internal email attacks, remediate account takeovers, and secure email account activity across SaaS apps and cloud infrastructure from one user experience — saving you time and reducing your risk of a breach.
Simplify Cloud Email Security

Capabilities Matrix: Proofpoint vs. Abnormal

Unwanted Mail
Targeted Threat Protection
URL Protection
Attachment Protection
Phishing Protection
Impersonation Protection
Internal Email Protection
Account Protection
Internal Account Compromise
Vendor Account Compromise
Vendor Risk Assessment
SOC Platform
Post-Delivery Remediation

The Abnormal and Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft covers:

  • Email routing
  • Email hygiene
  • URL rewriting
  • Attachment protection
  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication on inbound mail 

Abnormal covers:

  • Advanced phishing and BEC detection
  • Account takeover protection
  • Multi-channel attack prevention
  • Adaptive graymail filtering
  • SOC automation
  • Email security posture management
  • And more…
Abnormal’s behavioral AI-based solution detects more attacks than our former SEG and it works seamlessly so I can sleep at night. Abnormal was the easiest solution for us to implement, and it keeps us incredibly secure.”
— Robert Crowther, IT Manager, Atomic Cartoons

Abnormal's Uniform Defense Is Easier To Implement and Maintain

Installs in seconds without disrupting mail flow or changing MX records.
Simplifies SOC workflows with automated remediation incident triage.
No custom policies, manual rules, or fine-tuning required.

99% of Customers Would Recommend Abnormal

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  • Received the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Email Security
  • Abnormal’s overall 4.8 rating beats Proofpoint’s 4.5 rating
  • Abnormal’s pricing is better than Proofpoint’s
  • Abnormal is easier to deploy and integrate 
  • Abnormal’s service and support is faster and more comprehensive 
See the Reviews
174 ratings (All Time)
260 ratings (All Time)
“Great tool for BEC supply chain attack and internal mail The vendor was relatively new with great innovative technology when we started the process. We watched them grow immensely. The idea of adding any ML to our security stack which was a strong advertising point was quickly challenged by our C suite executives - but after a proof of concept and value, they were quickly able to...”
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778 ratings (All Time)
"Proofpoint Secure Email Gateway review We are replacing our current secure email gateway and are looking at Proofpoint. Proofpoint seems to have a lot of configuration options to match specific requirements, but this approach is more complex to implement and manage. The user experience is also a bit hard to navigate through since Proofpoint has multiple dashboards, but...”
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99% of Customers Would Recommend Abnormal

  • Abnormal’s pricing is better than Proofpoint’s
  • Abnormal is easier to deploy and integrate 
  • Abnormal’s service and support is faster and more comprehensive 
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