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Rachelle Chouinard

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Rachelle Chouinard is a Threat Intelligence Analyst at Abnormal Security, spending her time analyzing and writing about email-based cyber threats and the changing landscape over time. Before joining Abnormal, Rachelle spent multiple years in the cybersecurity industry, focused on combating financial fraud. When not at her keyboard, she enjoys reading and being outside.

Blog tsa scam cover
On November 9, 2021, we identified an unusual phishing email that claimed to be from “Immigration Visa and Travel,” inviting the recipient to renew their membership in the TSA PreCheck program. The email wasn’t sent from a .gov domain, but the average consumer might not immediately reject it as a scam, particularly because it had the term “immigrationvisaforms” in the domain. The email instructed the user to renew their membership at another quasi-legitimate-looking website.
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Blog tiktok attack cover
As major social media platforms have expanded the ability of creators to monetize their content in the last few years, they and their users have increasingly found themselves the targets of malicious activity. TikTok is now no exception.
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Quishing blog cover
What is unique to this campaign is that these messages contained QR codes offering access to a missed voicemail, handily avoiding the URL scan feature for email attachments present in secure email gateways and native security controls
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Extortion blog cover
Unfortunately, physically threatening extortion attempts sent via email continue to impact companies and public institutions when received—disrupting business, intimidating employees, and occasioning costly responses from public safety.
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