Mitigate Losses from Cybercrime

Avoid fraud losses by preventing socially-engineered attacks from reaching your employees.
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Advanced Attacks Put Your Organization at Risk

Attacks are Increasing in Severity

Business email compromise cost nearly $3 billion last year—a 7% increase from 2022.

New Channels are Being Used

Generative AI adds sophistication and scale for any attacker to target employees with precision.

Security Awareness Training Isn’t Enough

Employees only report 2.8% of all BEC emails they receive.

Abnormal + Microsoft

Abnormal and Microsoft replace all functionality of traditional tools, while eliminating redundant controls and providing additional protection against the most advanced socially-engineered attacks. With human behavior AI, Abnormal can detect and block the full spectrum of attacks—even when they lack traditional indicators of compromise.
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How Abnormal Prevents Cybercrime Losses

Blocks Inbound Threats Using AI

Detects all attacks–even never-before-seen threats–that bypass other solutions by understanding normal baselines for every employee and vendor using human behavior AI.

Surfaces Risk Across the Environment

Alerts security teams to anomalous behavior and activity across your people, applications, tenants, vendors, and threat intelligence. Abnormal Knowledge Bases provide insight to speed threat hunting and investigations.

Provides Visibility, Control, and Protection

Unifies insights about notable user activities across everyday applications–including Salesforce, Dropbox, and ServiceNow and more–for all cloud identities in a consolidated Abnormal profile within PeopleBase. One-click remediation gives analysts a quick way to apply control, especially for apps owned by other teams.
The Value You Can Expect

Enabling Abnormal Business Value

With a platform designed for our customers, you can do more and worry less.
Why Customers Choose Abnormal

Holistic Email Protection

Protect your email with unmatched detection accuracy, real-time account breach prevention, and continuous risk assessment of third-party access.
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Accelerated AI Automation

Leverage AI to automate attack remediation, enhance organization- wide security awareness, and boost end-user productivity with personalized graymail sorting.
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Uniform Cross-Platform Defense

Consolidate to one cloud email security platform, while ensuring uniform messaging and account protection across all communication channels and cloud ecosystems.
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“Before Abnormal, our SEG let almost every executive impersonation email through, and the spam settings either quarantined too many emails or let too much junk through. We needed something that could learn and do more than analyze headers. Abnormal helped us fix our email and reduce our security costs.”
— Steve Tieland, Director, Corporate Security Operations at Pegasystems
“Our executives and Board of Directors are commonly hit with significant amounts of phishing and BEC email attacks. Abnormal’s behavioral-based modeling and pattern recognition have been great in detecting and stopping those attacks. We are confident we have the right solution in place.”
Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO, Auto Club Group-AAA

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