Mitigate Losses from Cybercrime

Avoid fraud losses by preventing socially-engineered attacks from reaching your employees.
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Advanced Attacks Put Your Organization at Risk

Attacks are Increasing in Severity

Business email compromise cost $2.7 billion last year—a 15% increase from 2021.

New Channels are Being Used

Attackers are finding new ways in, using connected applications to gain access.

Security Awareness Training Isn’t Enough

Employees only report 2.8% of all BEC emails they receive.

Abnormal + Microsoft

Abnormal and Microsoft replace all functionality of traditional tools, while providing additional protection against the most advanced socially-engineered attacks. With behavioral AI, Abnormal can detect and block the full spectrum of attacks—even when they lack traditional indicators of compromise.
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How Abnormal Prevents Cybercrime Losses

Behavioral AI Blocks Inbound Threats

By understanding known identity and behavior, Abnormal can detect threats that bypass other solutions, even if they are new attacks that have never been seen before.

Knowledge Bases Show Risk Across the Environment

When attackers use compromised accounts or connected third-party applications to make configuration changes, Abnormal alerts security teams so they can take appropriate action.

Collaboration App Protection Keeps the Ecosystem Safe

Abnormal expands protection beyond the inbox to connected communications applications like Slack, Teams, and Zoom to block malicious messages and alert to compromised accounts. 

Benefits of Mitigating Cybercrime with Abnormal

Protect More

Stops the full spectrum of attacks, including costly and targeted BEC, vendor fraud, malware, and phishing.
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Spend Less

Eliminates redundant software costs and fully automates email security operations.
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Secure the Future

Mitigates emerging email attack vectors including email account takeovers, email attacks emanating from third-party apps, and more.
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“The inbound email security provided by Abnormal has been phenomenal. This has significantly reduced the exposure of risk for our end users. The best part is how it actively looks at other mailboxes in our organization and moves or remediates the email before users know it was there. This extra step is added value to the protection”
— Information Security Analyst, Construction Industry
“Our executives and Board of Directors are commonly hit with significant amounts of phishing and BEC email attacks. Abnormal’s behavioral-based modeling and pattern recognition have been great in detecting and stopping those attacks. We are confident we have the right solution in place.”
Gopal Padinjaruveetil, CISO, Auto Club Group-AAA

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