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Improve Detection Efficacy and Stop More Email Attacks

Secure email gateways (SEGs) fail to block spam, graymail, malware, and advanced email attacks. Stop more attacks across the entire spectrum of email threats when you replace your SEG with the combination of Abnormal Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES) and Microsoft.

SEGs Were Not Made for Today’s Modern Threats

Secure email gateways were highly effective a decade ago, but they were not built to address the full spectrum of evolved threats in today’s modern cloud environment.

Rules- and Policies-Based

SEGs analyze known indicators of compromise (IOCs) like malicious links and attachments but modern business email compomise and phishing attacks are often text-based and lack suspicious signatures.

Limited Cloud Visibility

Enterprises can’t stop impersonation-based attacks because SEGs don’t account for contextual signals from cloud email providers like login frequency, location, devices, browsers used, and more.

No Supply Chain Context

Security teams miss sophisticated attacks that impersonate their trusted partners because SEG solutions don’t monitor the risk posture of the organization’s extended supply chain.

The Solution:
Abnormal ICES + Microsoft

Together, Abnormal ICES and Microsoft provide better protection from the full spectrum of email attacks.


BEC attacks blocked per customer per month.


largest vendor fraud email attack prevented in 2021.


malware attacks blocked in 2021.

“The tool is very effective at blocking not only clearly malicious email, but also BEC attack emails that have no discernibly malicious link or attachment.”

Benjamin Fellows,
Director of Information Security Operations, Hitachi Vantara
3 D Green

How Abnormal and Microsoft Improve Detection Efficacy

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Broadens Visibility and Protection to Your Extended Supply Chain

Only Abnormal indexes all of your organization’s vendors, compiles them into a database, and continuously monitors them for threats, using federated data from across the entire customer base.


Prevents Unwanted Mail with High Efficacy

Abnormal and Microsoft block the same spam and graymail messages that SEGs detect, while also capturing additional messages that bypass existing infrastructure.

Prevents Modern Attacks

Prevents Modern Attacks with High Efficacy

Abnormal’s behavioral AI detects the malicious and unwanted emails that are payloadless, text-based, lack attack signatures, and originate from the inside of your company.


Blocking Email Attacks for the Enterprise

Abnormal blocks the full spectrum of attacks to protect your entire organization.

Business Email Compromise

Credential Phishing

Supply Chain Compromise

Account Takeover

Invoice & Payment Fraud

Malware & Ransomware

Spam & Graymail

3 D Background

The Abnormal Difference

Abnormal’s unique approach helps security teams stop more attacks than a SEG.

API Integration

Provides access to a broad set of 45,000+ signals to enable Abnormal to analyze behavior and monitor the internal, East-West traffic that traditional email security solutions cannot monitor.

Behavioral AI

Profiles known-good behavior and detects anomalies that deviate from the baseline. By analyzing identity, behavior, and content, Abnormal’s behavioral AI understands the context and intent of every message.

Supply Chain Insights

Automatically identifies all vendors in your ecosystem to understand their individual risk level. By recognizing when a vendor may have a high risk of fraud, Abnormal knows when an email should be more heavily scrutinized for malicious activity.


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